Handkerchief Code

Fetish code, flagging, or hanky color codes, you can pick your name but it boils down to color=fetish.

Fetish falls into 3 categories: Kink, Identity, Traits

  • Kink – Things you like to do ( Flogging, sucking…)
  • Identity – Who you are / like / roles (officer, daddy… )
  • Traits – Physical Characteristics you have / like in others (uncut, 8+, tattoos)

Compiled below is the List of the Classic Hanky codes.

blueblkinkanal topanal bottom
redrdkinkfisting topfisting bottom
yellowylkinkpisserpissed on
kelly greenkl.gnidentityhustlerjohn
dark pinkdk.pkkinktit torturertit torturee
brown lacebn{lctraitam uncutlikes uncut
lavenderlvidentityam drag queenlikes drag queen

To decode the abbreviations read hanky color abbreviations.
To decode the color shades read hanky color shades
To decode the features (textures, patterns and objects)
Explore the Hanky 2 concept here

Individual hanky code pages may also include recommendation on gay popper brands commonly purchased by kinksters in each fetish.

What do different hanky Colors mean?

Hanky Colors directly correspond to preferences that you have in the traits, kinks or identity of a certain, often times sexual interest. Collectively these are described at Fetishes. Classic handkerchief codes (listed above) used both color and side to convey the message. Wearing a Yellow Hanky on the left, would indicate an interest in the active role in watersports. More obscure colors exist including even patterns such as a red and white gingham plain (think table cloth), is used to signal an interest in park sex.
As time has moved forward fetish flagging faded. In part because the lack of colors, reduced social sartorial use of handkerchiefs and certainly through the rise of apps which enabled profiles to be very specific.

What is the New Handkerchief Code?

Hanky 2 or Hanky Code Version 2 expands the original color code system to use 2 colors, and an arrow that can be rotated to convey active / passive interest in the particular fetish..
The combination of 2 colors vastly expand the number of fetishes that can be represented, while the arrow itself can be included on pins, wristbands and a vast array of printed clothing…. and yes.. a handkerchief.

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