Hanky Code Pair List

Below is the Hanky Code Pair list (Duo Tag or Duo Hanky) – flagging codes for all.
New to the shorthand, read Shorthand decoded

FetishColor CodeACTIVEpassive
bootsBLACK 2 brownboot wearerboot worship
floggingBLACK 2 purpleImpact throwerimpact receiver
MASTER/slaveBLACK 2 redMasterslave
leathermanBLUE 2 blackLeathermanseeks leatherman
SIR/boy BLUE 2 greenSIRboy
electroCOPPER 2 silverElectro play DOMcurrent receiver
poppersGOLD 2 dark.redpopper coachgooner
Shibari gray 2 beigeShibari RiggerShibari – rope bunny
suspensionMUSTARD 2 graySuspension Domsuspension subject
chastityPURPLE 2 grayKey holdercaged
soundsYELLOW 2 silverSounding Topsound receiver
chub APRICOTchubchubby chaser
S & M BLACKHeavy SM Top Heavy SM Bottom
flyingairforce.bluepilot/flight attendantlikes flyboys
analBLUEAnal Top Anal Bottom
oral play LIGHT.BLUEwants headcocksucker
cop playmedium.bluecopcopsucker
69 sexual positionROBINEGG.BLUE69erNo 69 ing
cock and ball tortureTEAL.BLUECBT – WhackerCBT – smack me
scat playBROWNscat topscat bottom
latex gearCHARCOALlatex fetish toplatex fetish bottom
toe playCORALsuck my toessucks toes
spanking playFUSCHIAspankerspankee
group playGOLDtwo looking for oneone looking for two
BondageGRAYBondage topfit to be tied
daddy / sonGREENdaddydaddy’s boy
milking playHOLSTEINmilkermilking bull
Drag QueenLAVENDERDrag Queenlikes drag queens
pit playMAGENTAsuck my pitsarmpit freak
blade playMAROONblade – cutsblade – bleeds
navel playMAUVEnavel topnavel worshipper
hung 8+MUSTARDHung 8″ + Looking for 8+
militaryOLIVEmilitary topmilitary bottom
everythingORANGEanything anytimejust cruising
nipple playdark.PINKNipple Twistertwist my nips
dildo playlight.PINKdildo topDildo Fan
piercing playPURPLEpiercerpiercee
double wideDARK.RED2-handed fister2-handed fistee
fistingREDFIST fuckerFist fuckee
cowboyRUSTcowboycowboy’s horse
smoke playTANsmokes cigarslikes cigars
jack off WHITEbeat my meat (J/O)I’ll do us both (J/O)
spit playPALE.YELLOWspitsdrool crazy
watersportsYELLOWWS – tapWS – drain
shave playred_white~stripesshavershavee
circumcisedBROWN~SATINcutlikes cut
uncircumcisedBROWN~LACEuncutlikes uncut
oral w/asian guyslight.blue_yellow~dotslikes asian suckerslikes to suck asians
oral w/black guyslight.blue_black~dotslikes black suckerslikes to suck blacks
oral w/latin guyslight.blue_brown~dotslikes latino suckerslikes to suck latinos
oral w/white guyslight.blue_white~dotslikes white suckerslikes to suck whites
anal w/asian guysYELLOW_white~stripeslikes asian bottomslikes asian tops
anal w/black guysBLACK_white~stripeslikes black bottomslikes black tops
anal w/latin guysBROWN_white~stripeslikes latino bottomslikes latino tops
anal w/white guysWHITE~lacelikes white bottomslikes white tops
tattooLEOPARDhas tattooslikes tattoos
bearRED_BLACK~ Stripefurry bearlikes bears
boxer underwearPAISLEYwears boxer shortslikes boxer shorts
business mangray~flannelowns a suitlikes men in suits
park sexred_white~ginghampark sex toppark sex bottom
safe sexblack_white~checksafe sex topsafe sex bottom
sailorsblue_white~stripessailorlookin’ for salty seamen
school playbrown~corduroyheadmasterstudent
pornBLACK~velvethas/takes videoswill perform for the camera
voyuer WHITE~velvetvoyeur (likes to watch)will put on a show
muscleboysgold~lamelikes muscleboy bottomslikes muscleboy tops

The expanded hanky system goes by a variety of terms.. including using 2, dual and duo… Hanky V2 , duo tag. Made from a pair of colors, sometimes called Dual Color Code or Hanky Duo. No matter which term is your choice, the concept remains… AN OUTER and inner color… 2 colors, with the direction of the arrow signaling the role / interest. Including Versatile interests.

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