Hanky Code V2

Below are the Hanky Version 2 – flagging codes for all.
Sort by the clicking on the columns to quickly find the color / fetish you are looking for. New to the shorthand, read Shorthand decoded

H2 ColorsH2 ShortOuter ColorInner ColorK-I-TUPDOWN
BLUE 2 blueBL2blBLblkinkanal topanal bottom
RED 2 redRD2rdRDrdkinkfisting topfisting bottom
YELLOW 2 yellowYL2ylYLylkinkPisserpissed on
GREEN 2 blueGN2blGNblidentitySIRboy
Kelly Green 2 Kelly GreenKL.GN2kl.gnKL.GNkl.gnidentityhustlerjohn
DARK PINK 2 dark pinkDK.PK2dk.pkDK.PKdk.pkkinktit play toptwist my tits
BROWN LACE to brown laceBN{LC2bn{lcBN{LCbn{lctraitam uncutlikes uncut
LAVENDER 2 lavenderLV2lvLVlvidentityam drag queenlikes drag queen
GOLD 2 dark redGD2dk.rdGDdk.rdkinkPopper CoachPopper Goon
BLUE 2 blackBL2bkBLbkidentityLeathermanlikes Leathermen
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