Color Shorthand

Color Short hand, simple terse and tight

Hanky Code Colors can be simple like BLUE, or include shades of a color like robins egg blue, or dark red. Some hanky codes include textures like Brown Satin. Others include patterns like stripes, dots, or checks for example red and white stripe. Standardizing the abbreviations gets involved, but boils down to this:


Colors are written in lower case using standard color abbreviations,
Green : gn

Shade abbreviations appear before the color abbreviation, and are set off with a ‘.’,
Kelly Green :

Features can include patterns, textures or objects.
Feature abbreviations are set off by a tilde ‘~’
Gold Lame [muscle boys] : gd~lm

Multiple Colors are separated by an underscore ‘_’
Red with Black Stripe [bears] : rd_bk~st

A very full abbreviation would be into sailors which is light blue with white stripes : lt.bl_wh~st

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