BLUE 2 black : Leatherman

BL2bk short


Decode Hanky Code: BL2bk
fetish ( identity )
seeks leatherman
full hanky description
short hanky code

Hanky Color BL2bk / BLUE 2 black represent the fetish Identity of Leatherman.

The Blue representing Levi’s and also dominate in the Leather Pride Flag as well as the black representing the classic Hanky color for Extreme S&M. Black is also the dominant color in Boots, Leather Jackets, Chaps, restraints and other bondage related gear. All items that Leatherman may possess skill with.

This combination can be worn with the Arrow Up to say “I am a leatherman”, and or to either side to say “I am leather man and seek other leathermen”.

When worn down arrow, the implication is “I am seeking a Leatherman”.
These frames can be used on Insta or any social media to frame pictures to signal who you are, and who you seek without any words..

Will anyone know? Of course, because as much as you are saying I AM A LEATHERMAN, some sub is out there looking saying – “I SEEK A LEATHERMAN”

Handkerchief code Blue 2 black UP : leatherman

Leathermen when working on cleaning their leathers use Leather Cleaners (also known as poppers from a variety of sources.

Of note the popular Leather Eagle.

Blue 2 black - leatherman hanky code

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  1. Where can we ask a question to help find personal hanky code? When it is not about specific fetishes for me personally. I’m sure it tells me in the descriptions but is not clear.

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