Why Hanky Code Pair / Hankie code 2

Since the 70’s when being openly gay was dangerous, and apps meant potato skins, the hankie code help ‘like minded’ individuals understand what each other were looking for.

The code essentially boiled down to a color bandana and pocket.

LEFT pocket hankie meaning Top, Active or DOMinant and RIGHT pocket hanky meaning bottom, receptive or submissive…

Pair that with the bandana color: Kelly Green for Escorts, Blue for Fucking, Red for Fisting, Black for Heavy SM , Yellow for Piss the list goes on.

The handkerchief code has become less common as Digital social connections have brought ‘interests’ into check boxes and the ‘flagging’ is within a profile, not a pocket.

But at Hanky Code Pair we think the diversification within the kink world has also contributed to the fading of the hankie code.
Take for example a Power Dynamics relationship. Where a SIR is seeking a ‘boy’ (legal age of course).
In the original Hanky code Hunter Green Hanky would mean on the left – DADDY and on the right – boy, but in a SIR / boy power dynamic SIR has a more strict definition than Daddy… There are SIRs who are NOT daddies, and not all Daddies are SIRs. So now what?
Add a Black Hanky? Well, black signals Sado Masochism, GREY hanky is bondage. Neither really work…. So we thought, lets upgrade the range of information conveyed by the single color hanky, and add the flexibility to display on either Left or Right and still be understood.

HANKY Code Pair

A Hanky Code Pair has TWO parts…. Direction and color


Hanky2 direction arrow H2BL2gn
DUO Code direction arrow BLUE 2 green

Using Direction eliminates the need to think LEFT and RIGHT, or to only have an item on your left or right.
Arrow points UP ( Active, Top, Dom )
Arrow points down ( Receptive, bottom, sub )


Hanky Code Pair has a pair of colors. Think of it as a OUTER and inner color.
The OUTER color is Wide, and the inner is narrow.
To make it easy to identify the OUTER color is always in CAPS, and the inner is in lower case.

The result, with just Green and Blue, there are 4 combinations

OUTER 2 innerbluegreen
BLUEBLUE 2 blueBLUE 2 green
GREENGREEN 2 blueGREEN 2 green
2 Colors create 4 combinations with HANKY2 OUTER and inner colors.

2 colors raised to the 2nd power… and you can see the power of Hanky2.

Hanky 2 BLUE 2 green : SIR / boy

So back to the example, the new combination of GREEN 2 blue, has a definition of SIR / boy Power Dynamic relationship.

Worn with the arrow pointing up, means “I am SIR seeking a boy”

SIR seeks boy H2BL2gn-UP

, worn with arrow down “i am a boy seeking a SIR”.

boy seeks SIR H2BL2gn-DN

So let’s wrap up this brief intro with a bit of the WHY HANKY2?

In exploring Hank Code Pairs ( previously known as Duo Codes / Hanky2) we have been heard:

“Why bother? no one uses Hanky codes anymore”
“Most people don’t even know the basic codes”
“Aren’t you just complicating things?”

Good questions, and it takes us back to diversification, and how robust and rich the variations in kink have become.. With even 16 colors, using 2 colors, and either OUTER or inner, there are over 512 variations. Add it the shades and additional colors and there can be over 2,000.
It means EVERYONE can be represented… FETISH FOR ALL … go deep into your kink..
Choose unique colors to signal to each other.
There are thousands of bird songs, but a mockingbird knows the song of a potential mate.. With hanky2, kinksters can signal each other more clearly, while displaying their colors for the world to see!

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