Hanky2 BLUE 2 blue

BLUE-2-blue Hanky - ASS PLay

Hanky2 BLUE 2 blue represents the classic blue hanky know for anal or casually known for fucking. Worn on the left, means I want to play with your Ass, worn on the right, I want you to play with my ASS.
Blue Hanky code falls under the hanky KINK category ( review the 2 other types of hanky codes under the fetish umbrella : Trait and Identity).

BLUE-2-blue Hanky - ASS PLay

Explore other Classic Hanky codes including RED2red / RD2rd / fisting and YELLOW2yellow / YL2yl / Piss Play

Popper brands popular with blue hanky play include Amsterdam Poppers and Rush Super Black. When trying to find out where to buy poppers explore your local bookstores, or choose reliable sellers of poppers online. Including our sponsor Gay Poppers.

Other Colors using: OUTER BLUE , inner blue

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