Hanky Code BLUE 2 green

Hanky2 buff worn in SIR direction

The original handkerchief code included hanky code blue for Anal, and hanky code hunter green for Daddy (on left) or boy (on right).
Both codes live on in the Hanky 2 Flagging system as Hanky2BLUE2blue and Hanky2GREEN2green. ( The Classic Hanky Code – we call it H1 – lives on within Hanky2 with the original both the OUTER and inner colors being the same… So GREEN2green remains as Daddy when the arrow points UP and boy when the arrow points DOWN )

So BLUE2green… means SIR/boy dynamic. The Hanky Code Blue in this case is a reference to the Denim Blue of the Leather Pride flag, and green represents ‘boy’ or sub… The BLUE2green UP Arrow describes a Hanky Code – Identity ( vs a Trait or Kink) of SIR to a boy ( of course in ALL cases, boy in Kink Codes means an adult of legal age)

Down Arrow BLUE2green signals a boy within a SIR boy dynamic.

Hanky2BLUE2green 1
Hanky Code Version 2 – BLUE outer, green inner – worn Arrow UP, as SIR

The buff in the above picture works as a covid 19 face cover, and can be worn doubled or triple layers. The design is 360 degree and features hanky2 arrow in 3 different sizes.

Each Hanky Code represents a different Identity, Trait or Kink. We are also collecting surveys about what Poppers are favored by different kinksters. For BLUE2green.. Jungle Juice Black Poppers online are a favorite choice, but Original Amsterdam Poppers are also popular.

Other Handkerchief codes with OUTER BLUE and inner green

HANKY CODE SIR  boy relationship

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