Hanky Code Colors

kelly green hustler kl.gn

The diversity in kink keeps expanding. The goal of Hanky 2 flagging as the updated Kink.Codes, is to include everyone… ( Really we view it more as Fetish colors codes! )
As the repository for the color definitions, you can always drop by to see the Classic Handkerchief Codes, mapping of Classic Hanky to the H2 Codes and new V2 Hanky 2 codes ( call them H2s ).

Beyond the classic hanky codes , hanky2 exists to discuss and propose new Hanky 2 codes to represent the fetishes of today. Within the umbrella of fetish codes the handkerchief codes break into Kink, Identity and Trait. Of course many fetishes may actually include multiple Hanky Codes. For example someone Seeking Hustler ( Hanky code, R – Kelly Green , KL.GN2kl.gn ) / In the comments below, we will gather new topics and ideas that don’t yet have a color combination ( H2 ).
As more comments are made we’ll open a separate post for the discussion and comment period before adding the H2 to the Hanky 2 Code list.

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