Hanky Features

Quite a few handkerchief codes include more than just a single color like red. Additions of a texture (fur, corduroy or lace), a pattern (gingham, stripes or checks) or an object (teddy bear, mosquito net) can be added to a color to form a unique hanky code like red and white gingham [park sex].

AbbrevDescriptionTexture/Pattern/objectHanky Code Pair
brbearobjectbear – RED 2 brown
ckcheckspatternsafe sex – CREAM 2 pink
cdcorduroytextureschool play – BROWN 2 cream
ghginghampatternpark sex – dark.RED 2 cream
lpleopardpatterntattoo – BROWN 2 copper
mqmosquito netobject
ststripepatternMost stripes are Cream
ukunion jackpattern

These features are from the Original Hanky Code, in Hankey Code Pairs, the features have been amended into Color Pairs. Follow the Color Pair Link to see an example. (in many cases the texture was only used on a single hanky code, for example Brown lace for Un-circumsized. This has been replaced with BROWN 2 tan under the Code Pair Handkerchief flagging).
Here is the list of additional features:

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