Poppers – GOLD 2 dark.red

Popper goon coach hanky code

Representing Poppers, the Hanky Code V2 colors: Gold from the classic rush bottle and the lightning bolt’s dark red.

Popper Gooner

Poppers have long been a mystery to the outside. Harmless even non-drug and non-habit forming a literal ‘Rush’ and flush which relaxes the body, and gets openings, well… more open.
Of the many brands of poppers including Jungle Juice, Pac West Distributing (PWD), Amsterdam , English and more….
RUSH brand began the craze and according to survey’s from Poppers4U.com remains the MOST POPULAR POPPERS BRAND!

rush30 5p

Australia has even moved to legalize poppers to be sold in drug stores, adding even more credibility! Hi there, I’d like a pack of Trojans, some Swiss Navy Lube and a Rush Black label. thanks mate!

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